My Story

Like every one around us, I too began my career in Information Technology with fanciful dreams. My first project at my first job presented me with Cognos 8.2 Business Intelligence migration work from Cognos Impromptu. It was a fulfilling learning beginning, and this over a period of 6 years, got me employed with many eminent organizations and a variety of projects to work in.

As the destiny would have it, moved from technical stream of work into management stream, which again presented me with opportunities in the guise of challenges. Had a encouraging stint working for world-renowned clients, appreciated for quality-delivery of services, always on time.

Meet Me

At the moment, I am a one-person-team.

Why? Because I can.


Sandeep Pamarati


Visit my LinkedIn profile for a full detailed bio with few interesting facts about myself, here.

Next Steps...

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