List of Popular IBM Cognos BI and PM Books/Titles

Hello AllHere is a list of popular books/titles on IBM Cognos 8/10 BI Suite, in no particular sequence. Hope they are helpful to you all, together at a single location.1. IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence: The Official Guide [Paperback]Author        : Dan VolitichList Price     : INR 695.00Discounted Price: INR 556.00 You Save    : INR 139.0US Link 

Install IBM Cognos Insight

Today I installed free-to-use-for-personal-non-commercial-use IBM Cognos Insight on my personal laptop, to see what all the hype is about, finally. Go here to download the IBM Cognos Insight software. Check if your environment is supported or not here. You can find the info center for IBM Cognos Insight here. Installation went through smooth in

Oracle user account locked??

If you install Oracle 11g on an unsupported Windows version and try to access the default schema/user which is scott/tiger, you could face a error such as below.This is because the schema is locked (and possibly expired as well).So we just have to connect to Oracle as DBA and unlock our schema/user And then as

How to install IBM Cognos 8 on WinXP Prof

Dear All, I have listed out the URLs in sequence to follow to install IBM Cognos 8.On a Windows XP Prof PC,1. Install MS SQL Server 2000: Upgrage MS SQL Server 2000 to SP4: 3. Install IBM Cognos 8 BI Server: 4. Install IBM Cognos 8 BI Modeling: 5. Configure IBM