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Here you can read sample questions for COG-135: IBM Cognos 8 BI OLAP Developer cert exam.
You can find all the info about this exam here.

A user wants to drill-through from a PowerCube to a relational data source. What gets passed to allow drill through on the source PowerCube?

A. Short name
B. Member Unique Name
C. Category label
D. Source value
Answer: D

When can Transformer category codes change?

A. When a new cube is defined.
B. When the cube is accessed through Cognos 8.
C. When the cube connection is updated with pcconn.
D. When a Clean House is performed before a cube is rebuilt.
Answer: D
QUESTION: 3 For performance reasons, what is the best parent-child ratio for categories in each level?

A. 1:10 or less
B. 1:11 or more
C. 5:1 or less
D. 3:1 or more
Answer: A
QUESTION: 4 Transformer is unable to locate one of the source files for a data source in the model, and the model update fails. Which type of files can be used to restart the processing at the point of failure?

A. .py?
B. .qy?
C. .mdl
D. .mdx
Answer: B
I will add more questions, as and when find them…

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